My name is Michele Van Beek. I am a designer + event coordinator living in Wayzata, MN, a beautiful lakeside superb of Minneapolis. In June of 2013 I lost my best friend, my beautiful mother, to a rare form of internal squamous cell carcinoma. I believe I can speak for most everyone in saying there is no guidebook to follow when it comes to dealing with the grief that follows the loss of a loved one. I fell into depression for nearly 6 months before gathering enough God provided courage & motivation to learn a new skill in order to take my mind off the heartache. I taught myself how to sew and prayed for a way to use my talents to help women through their cancer journey. One of the biggest issues I noticed when my mom started treatment was how she lost most of her confidence after losing her hair. We would spend hours in her closet trying on scarves and hats but she really never felt like herself again. She also had beautiful wigs that looked perfectly real but they were too hot, heavy, and itchy for her sensitive scalp. The answer to my prayers came and God has led me on this wonderful path... 


J. Etta Couture (named after my mom) was born in 2014 with the goal of providing stylish caps for women suffering from hair loss related to chemotherapy or radiation treatments. As a strong believer in the healing power of inner confidence & emotional health, I created these lifestyle caps to empower women as they 
navigate whatever challenges their journey may hold. 

Every woman has her own unique style and story to tell. My hope is that these caps will be an accessory to express these stories to the world, while offering comfort and 

protection for sensitive skin. One day she may feel like Wonder Woman, while another day she may have a heart full of Wanderlust for this majestic world we live in. No matter what her heart desires, J. Etta wants to be there

for her every step of the way! 

-xo, Michele

My beautiful mom


Janet Henrietta Van Beek

10.01.1957 - 06.07.2013