My name is Michele Krauss. I’m a designer & event coordinator based out of Eden Prairie, MN. I live in a pretty townhouse with my new husband, Luke, and love all things fashion and design related. I truly believe happy hours with friends are what dreams are made of and trying new restaurants, hosting friends and family at our home, and traveling (anywhere and everywhere) are some of our favorite things.  


who is j.etta

My beautiful mother, Janet Henrietta Van Beek, battled a rare form of squamous cell carcinoma and passed away June of 2013. J. Etta Couture (named after my mom) was born in 2014 with the goal of providing stylish caps for women suffering from hair loss related to chemotherapy or radiation treatments. As a strong believer in

the healing power of inner confidence & emotional health,

I created these lifestyle caps to empower women as they 

navigate whatever challenges their journey may hold. 


Every woman has her own unique style and story to tell. My hope is that these caps will be an accessory to express these stories to the world, while offering comfort and protection for sensitive skin. One day she may feel like taking on the world in a glam velvet bow, while another day she may want to lounge on the couch in sweats and a cozy, no frills cap. And when those post treatment curls start coming she can tame them and beautify her look with a pretty hair clip or headband. No matter what her heart desires, J. Etta will be

there for her every step of the way! 


happy shopping! 


please feel free to send me a note also. I’d love to

“meet” you and hear your story. 



J.Etta’s mission is to build confidence and empower women with beautiful, stylish, yet comfortable headwear through their

cancer and treatment journeys. 

-xo, Michele

My beautiful mom

Janet Henrietta Van Beek

10.01.1957 - 06.07.2013